14 weeks preterm labor

After my first trimester, my husband and I decided to let our family and friends know about or little bundle of joy. Aside from my husband being super excited I was mixed with emotions. Scared, excited, overwhelmed and confused.

Your mind says one thing but your body reacts totally different, this was the confusing part.

Morning sickness for months, nausea, fatigue  and I can go on and on…..

Just when I thought it could get easier I got a shock of my life.

On a weekend away at my sisters place, I woke up at 2am laying in a pool of blood. I had no pain or discomfort.

I freaked out, I had no idea what was happening only that I needed to get to the hospital ASAP.

We arrived at the emergency and they attended to me immediately. The internal examination was so uncomfortable but it needed to be done as there was too much blood.

The doctor couldn’t locate the area where the blood was coming from but it was confirmed that my cervix is still closed.

My doctor then prescribed Uterogestan to stop the bleeding, this worked like a bomb.




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